Acid-S ( composer, writer, producer )


Acid-S started reflecting music as a child scanning his parents records liking black and electronics. First beats were dropped on an Amiga 500 computer using 8bitsamples. The Frankfurtsound of the early 1990ies along with skateboarding related hardcore were his imprinting producing experiences. Black music and Techno lead to his instincts for combining and experimenting in unusual ways. After producing Beats and Breaks as FLX until 2004 via SIN a professional Studio was the main theme. Since 2010 Acid-S is continously producing again. 2012 the edition 101.io was founded with Herwarth Sturm along with releases by Autistikits, Acid-S and Tourist. Beside the IASI soundsystem Acid-S produces several Projects and his own "G"-Series.










  G3 "On Every..." 


 Vision EP (IASI)


  Things Sphinx  


  Capacity Air


  KarmaKompilation 1


  Wordsound Special






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