Acid S ( composer, writer, producer )


Acid S started reflecting on music as a child scanning his parents records liking black and electronica. First beats were dropped on an Amiga 500 computer using 8-bit samples. The early 1990´s Sound Of Frankfurt along with skateboarding related hardcore were his imprinting producing experiences. Hip Hop and Techno lead to his instincts for combining and experimenting in a bit "unusual" ways. After producing Beats and Breaks as FLX until 2003 - running a professional studio was the main topic. Since 2010 Acid S is continously producing again. 2012 the edition 101.io was founded together with Herwarth Sturm along with releases by Autistikits, Acid S and Tourist (Inky Timez). Beside the IASI soundsystem Acid S co-writes and produces several Projects and his own "G"-Series of beattapes. for info / booking contact: office@101.io