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Experimental / Dance / Art

Herwarth Sturm / Melting Room / Acid S


101atrium I [outdoor / music]


together with SÜDTURM RECORDS

14.06.2018 / 19:00 / venue tba (here)


with music by:


Griesenbruch - Aerouant - Album RELEASE [südturm]

Acid S - Citrusvil - Album LIVE [101.io]


after the last audio-beta-testing the 101atrium will

launch as a curated open event on its namegiving

outdoor venue - the "atrium". The pre-abandoned

spot in the innercity area of cologne has been spotted

and enjoyed already as an easy-to-reach and sonically

interesting place for a number of, sometimes barbecued,

meetings for musicians, artists, friends and interested heads.


With the 101atrium - now - a series of events will be 

set up easy with the invitation to join the dates, enjoy

and exchange on music and all content that goes with it.


101atrium I will contain the release of AEROUANT

of SÜDTURM RECORDS ´ act Griesenbruch. A well

written and manufactured album of low pitched, bass-

married and drumdriven electronica. The original

limited stereo-cassette copies will be played and

available on the venue before its official shipping.


101.io´s Acid S will play his late release

CITRUSVIL live from its original source,

a four-track cassette, the one the 

musical travel-report was recorded on.


8track, 4track, stereo and mono-cassettes

will get special spotlight on the events - 

with interest for exchange, mixtape-listenings,

discussions and even beat-battles.

surely this will be of interest for

users and lovers of the one and

only music-in-the-pocket-format.


Enough said - this is a first one.

Outdoor - only when not raining.

Bring your booze. 101atrium I

will not be barbecued.




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