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101atrium / free open audio meetings



present atrium ...



- 101atrium III [outdoor / music]

19.07.2018 / 19:00 / free / public

19:00 Trimusic Feature: " Music For Subaruland " 

20:00 Beerbirds Feature: " Money Made Me Laugh "

21:00 101.io Feature: Mjatnaya Lovushka " Mjatnaya Lovushka " 

22:00 various tapes


bring your booze

open end







venue ...





atrium info ...



after the audio-beta-testing-phase the 101atrium

launched as curated open meetings on its namegiving

outdoor venue - the "atrium". The pre-abandoned

spot in the innercity area of cologne has been spotted

and enjoyed already as an easy-to-reach and sonically

interesting place for a number of, sometimes barbecued,

meetings for musicians, artists, friends and interested heads.


With the 101atrium - a series of meetings is set up and ready with

you invited to join the thursday-dates (2nd,3rd and 4th of month),

enjoy and exchange on music and all content that goes with it.


8track, 4track, stereo and mono-cassettes will get special

spotlights and attention on the meetings - with interest in

live-performance, exchange, listenings, private trades,

discussions and even future beat-battles. 


surely this is of interest for users

and lovers of the one and only




future atrium ...



- 101atrium IV [outdoor / music] 

  26.07.2018 / 19:00

- Autistikits " Ambient 14-15 " prerelease


- 101atrium V [outdoor / music] 

  9.08.2018 / 19:00

- tba



past atrium ...



- 101atrium II [outdoor / music]

  12.07.2018 / 19:00 / free / public


19:00 -  FALNS 182 mixtape listening - session [Beerbirds]

20:00 -  CITRUSVIL LIVE featurette [101.io]

21:00 -  CSAS | ACIDBREAKS listening -session [101.io]

22:00 -  various tapes

open end


- FALNS 182 - Fast at low noise speed [Beerbirds]

" One hour Space Synthies, Psycho Drums,

Spheric Soundscapes, SciFi Noise, Future

Dreams & Rock Visions." - listening session.

(from http://thebeerbirds.blogspot.com/)



- CITRUSVIL is an album made-while-traveling.

that style of mobile writing and recording is

popular inside 101.io since the release


released some time ago via 101.io already

CITRUSVIL will be performed live and direct

from and on it´s original 4track tape / machine.



- ACIDBREAKS is a recorded session between

IASI and CYAN STATE done as CSAS  -out on 101.io already.

the do-breaks-as-a-band experiment went out to become an

ode to early breakbeat and acidsounds that inspired both projects.

ACIDBREAKS will be played from the original unmastered stereotape



various tapes



Outdoor - only when not raining.

Bring your booze. 101atrium II

will not be barbecued.






- 101atrium I [outdoor / music]

  05.07.2018 / 19:00 / free / public


19:00 -  Griesenbruch AEROUANT listening - session [Sued]

20:00 -  Journal 2 Journal LIVE featurette [101.io]

21:00 -  That Night C BOX RELEASE [101.io / Sued]


- Griesenbruch Album "Aerouant"

missed its outdoor release on 101atrium I

due to precisely set rainfalls. while

the album is available via suedturm

already - this will be the chance to

hear it from tape outside thanks to 

makita industries ! 19:00


- Journal 2 Journal lately released their

mesmerizing house-template "cruising fiction"

via 101.io. while the EP´s tracks already find

slots on the 101IO C-BOX and other formats -

some featurette of exclusives will be played -

live ! 20:00


- C-BOX (101io/sued) a fine curated mixcassette

about 101.io music featuring 101.io projects and

exclusives by That Night, Thereyoughost

and Zen E Tjen. Moment of release:



This will be special.


Tapes will be available.


Outdoor - only when not raining.

Bring your booze. 101atrium I

will not be barbecued.