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" i was with them when that night and acid s met on a recording session in cologne for the first time. acid s (as beatwriter "flx") and that night (as mc "orkan") synced right on the spot over their styles and regarding arts. meetings and creative sessions followed on a regular occasion, a solid friendship and a loose list of co-recordings was collected through that time (funfact: tracks like "hookline" and "schwarze sonne" later appeared on "capacity air").


while orkan went on musically to establish the releases of german hiphop tapelabel "sexsells" (later to become the foundation for following crews of the cologne area) - flx went on to concentrate on the development of the studiocrew "SIN" ( together with J-Walk), which got hired  and integrated by the publisher akropolis (EMI) - to later completely insert into the productioncomplex run by kraftwerk´s henning schmitz.


after some time they were meeting again for writingsessions and coproduction for the independent albumrelease "der eisige hauch" by olek - during those sessions first ideas for autitistikits evolved through the exchange about intersections between beats, graffiti-styles and videofilm. the results where collected and curated as autistikits first release:


on "capacity air" - layed out as "video album" autistikits established 64 minutes of film, split in 23 videos for 23 musictitles. since the music was mainly written by acid s and that night - the videos where produced together with friends and supporters of the project leading into a dvd and cinematic release in october 2011. "capacity air" became the vision for the crew with more than enough love on hold to design even more material more for the project. it was the releasenight of "capacity air" - after premiering the film at colognes classic movietheatre "odeon" - that autitikits enjoyed some drinks at a cologne nightbar to accidently meet the well selecting DJ "le clou" who autistikits stayed in contact with...


after first liveperformances by autistikits in several underground occations autistikits album "things sphinx" was released in september 2012. the second autistikits release verified autistikits´ style on the well received cassette released via splitsides to roll out each producers language inside the moniker. that night installed his first and defining tracks in a very coherent playlist while acid s kept on establishing their original lofi aesthetics. both sides of "things sphinx" went on to be landmarks in definition for autistikits further writings. the distriubution was supported by a-musik - who autistikits feel loyal spirit to eversince.


the release of things sphinx also marked the go!-moments of, then, two new independent publishings: 101.io and suedturm records. the first acts of each imprint collaborated on things sphinx such as tourist (now inky timez), roughnic of IASI and DJ scirocco. the recordingsessions did not stop from there and quick follow-up-releases like "liquid logistik" by olek and "G3 - on every party there is a ghost" by acid s were released on each platform shortly after "things sphinx" in 2012.


the G3 tape lead to beatpicks and another autistikits-related collabo: "the art of sparking the market" - feature with brooklyn based mc sensational - the result can be found as digital release via 101.io and chunk ´o ´bliss, the mc´s imprint. a start for the regarding european "watts on a frenzy" tour was curated and presented by autistikits with a one-night film and live -feature in cologne city joined by kouhei matsunaga and dj scotch egg for backup. 


before hitting the road for touring - the "watts on a frenzy"- crew was housed at the highhouse collective on acid s´request eastside of town through autistikits connection to DJ "le clou" - who turned out to, beside DJing and developing as a friend of autistikits, being a dedicated writer, musician and performer. spontanious recordingsessions were held together with the "watts on a frenzy"- crew around sensational. the recordings for some of the "art of sparking"- tracks can be counted as first works of the current trio - occupation of autistikits, started and finished by sensational and acid s through the beats selection off "On Every Party There Is A Ghost". material recorded in that very short period of time still remains unreleased.


other 101 and SUED projects filled time and space while autistikits  evolved into a trio with le clou joining the team under the the moniker "thereyoughost" for their next work, a playlist of personal remixes inside the domain of hiphop:


"versions" was released in march 2014 via independent outfits "tacticaltapes" in berlin and "boombaptized" in cologne. the 18 remixes count like equal numbers of work by each of the, now, three autistikits ranging around styles and original lines selected by the remixers supporting each other in this public development of an updated language as a band. 


the band-like setup followed by booking requests lead into continuation of autistikits´ live appearances. while playing on several local-oriented art galleries and events the next product was targeted:


"autistikits" - the first original release in todays trio-setup was achieved and released in january 2015 as a first publishing / manufacturing-collabo by the members own imprints 101 and SUED. the self titled 2 cassette release ,again, featured splitsides with each members designs along a fourth side with merged styles. - just like on things sphinx - autistikits again enjoyed taking more steps as individual writers towards a definition for autistikits as a crew and the idea of being a full-on-band. the same idea led into even more live-features on occations just meeting the bands interests such as open galleries, the cologne city library or the deutsche bundeskunsthalle in bonn.


"live at the cologne city library" is a recording taken by myself during the "kölner musiknacht" on 17.9.2016 released via 101. the seven pieces played feature three songs of "autistikits" in improvised liveversions - along three full-on impro pieces plus one bonusplay leading the whole event to its final curtain. the release is on the table to -perhaps- open a series of liverecordings to correspond autistikits claim to be their own archivists in correspondence to each medium used for the copies. i am actually trying to move them to that series.(booking requests via office@101.io or olek@fashionkills.de)


Following text underlines the latest autistikits release "ambient 14-15" :


" Whenever we meet to just play what we want to hear in that very moment, we find our ambience. This cassette contains the essence of the 2014 ambient recordings. We did the mastering for side A ourself and Gustave Doré approached us with an alternative masteringfor side B. He gave his special blend to our music within his personal sonical language domain and mastering engine.“

this statement can be found in the inlay of the stereo-cassette-copies and digital distribution. the annual information could also be a hint for archivistic activity inside autistikits´ zone for more moments of ambience in the future. 


this very same future will transform into presence once autistikits´ next longplayer will be released on vinyl. the beloved format will contain the results of the bands actual circular writings - showing the next reflection in the mirror of a group walking the streets spotting the world through their territories - those found and those still to be found. 


read more. soon. here. "



herwarth sturm, july 2018



Acid S, That Night, Thereyoughost / Autistikits@Bundeskunsthalle